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With Click A Wish,
you can be sure all surprises
will be happy ones !

Find out more about your family and friends' wishes
and grant them in a click.

It is now so easy to spread happiness !





I want to create my first wishlist now !

I can see who'd like what.

Click A Wish is a totally free service. It works like a wish tree in which people pin their dreams and desires. Your ideal partner : the gifts you make and the wishes you grant are just perfect !

I decide who sees what

Click A Wish gives you total control over who gets to see your lists. You may decide to make them public, or to restrict their access to certain contacts. The decision is yours, and yours only.

I know who'll get what

Click A Wish gathers the wishes of the people you love. Should you decide to grant a wish and make someone's dream come true or simply get them a particular gift, an email will be discreetly sent to the person's contacts, to avoid any duplication. Same thing for your own wishes of course. Surprise and satisfaction garanteed. For everyone, every time.

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